What is Start?

Start is a smart startscreen providing users with an intelligent lockscreen experience. Start gives you quick access to everything that matters to you from your start screen, without unlocking your phone.

What does Start do?

Start gives you what you want when you wake up your phone. It provides access to all the important functions on your phone making its usage easy and cool while saving you a lot of time. Start keeps you up to date with news feeds, social networks and more. It also provides rapid access to your media, weather and music directly from your start screen.

What can I do with Start?

You can


Can I re-watch the tutorial?

Yes you can! Just go to settings by swiping the screen to the left, then scroll down and select Tutorial. Here you will be able to learn the basic functionality of Start.

How do I choose my theme?

Go to settings screen (swipe screen to the left). From the list of theme icons shown at the top, you can choose a theme to make it your default theme. You can also tap on “+ more themes”

How can I use my personal photo as a background?

Go to the “settings” menu (swipe screen to the left).and tap on the “Select background” choice. You can now choose any of your personal photos from the gallery to set it as your background

How can I use the gallery starter?

The gallery starter is a mini photo album that you can use to show pictures from your phone to your friends and family. It allows you to choose personal photos of your choice from within your device and have them available at any time within the gallery starter. You can also remove or add pictures directly from the starter.

Can I change the settings of the widgets on the home screen?

Sure. Go to the settings menu (top right) and choose “set up your widgets”. You can now choose which widgets will appear on your start screen and set their size, color and alignment

How can I control the music played on my device with Start?

Start has a music control starter. We currently support all native music players and are continuously working on increasing the support to additional favorite music players around the world.

How do I setup Start security on my device?

Go to the settings (slide to the left) and select security. The “lock type” option allows you three different levels of security select the one you would like then follow the instructions to set the security.

How do I prevent double locking?

Go to your devices settings and choose the “none” option in the “lock screen settings”

 Why can’t I access the notification drop down menu when the security for Start is activated?

To ensure your privacy, Start does not allow this menu to be opened without unlocking first. To make sure you still have access to your notifications, Start does have a notification Starter that keeps you up to date with your new messages and phone calls.

How does Start know what I like?

Start adapts itself to you and looks different for different people. Through its highly intelligent backend analytics engine, Start learns which apps and information you access most on your device and automatically enables these on your start screen. Start also recommends new apps and features that are complementary and relevant to you based on activity.

How can I choose the Starters that will appear on my start screen?

Start enables a fully personalized experience for you. To choose which starters will appear on your start screen, go to the “+” at the bottom of the side bar and choose your favorite starters. You could also access it from the Settings (swipe Screen to the left) menu and choosing Setup Starters.

How do I add more RSS feeds?

Go to settings (swipe screen to the left) and select Setup Starters → RSS feed starters → Load more RSS feeds. This will direct you to a page where you can select more RSS feeds that will appear in your RSS feed starter.

How do I delete Starters that I do not need?

Just press and hold the undesired Starter for a few seconds then drag it to the trash can on the bottom of the screen. (You can always get these starters back by going into the settings and activating them)

How can I choose my shortcuts?

Go to the “settings” menu of Start (swipe screen to the left). By clicking “Set your favorite apps & contacts” you can choose what shortcuts will appear on your screen. You can also do a long press of the hub to choose the shortcuts of your choice.

How do I set up my notification settings?

Go to settings (slide to the left) and select “notification selection” here you can choose what type of notification you can see on your lock screen.

How can I set the security level of the notifications?

Go to settings (slide to the left) and select “notification security” then choose if you want to show all notification content or hide sensitive content (which will show you that you have a new notification but not what is written in the message)


How much battery does Start consume?

We know how much you care about your battery life so we’ve designed Start not to drain it. We have optimized Start to consume minimal battery while on idle. The battery consumption is based on how you use Start – i.e. using FB, Twitter etc.

What Android version do I need to have on my device to install Start?

Start is supported on Android devices, version 3.2 and above.

Why do I get the following notification: ‘start is currently in roaming mode’?

Consuming data when roaming can be very expensive. We do not want you to be inconvenienced by this when using Start. As soon, as Start detects that you are roaming, it provides this notification and stops refreshing information to minimize costs that you may incur. You can always reactivate it in the Settings menu.

How do I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Please go to Settingsà Setup your plugins à Yahoo weather à Celsius. This will change the setting.

How can I provide feedback or request new features on Start?

We look forward to hearing more about your experiences with Start and are open for comments and suggestions. Please send us an email to start_support@celltick.com
Please follow us on our Facebook & twitter channels to get the latest updates

How do I mute/unmute videos in the Video Starter?

Tap the displayed video to see the speaker icon on the top right corner. Choose between mute and unmute. By default, videos are played in “mute” mode when they are played automatically, but once you choose a different video to view, the sound is activated.

How can I watch a video in full screen?

Choose the video you would like to watch and flip the screen horizontally to enter fullscreen mode. Make sure “screen rotation” is enabled on your device.

How can I change the type of video that is displayed when opening the video starter

Videos are displayed in preview mode in different categories underneath the default video category. Once you select a video from a different category, the starter will retain that as the default category when you open the starter.

How can I customize the order of my starters?

Press and hold the starter that you would like to move and drag it to the position of your choice.

How can I search for items in my device or on the web?

There are four ways that you can initiate search within Start:


How do I clear my search history?

You can view previous searches and /or clear your search history by pressing the ‘clear history’ button from the search screen.

How can I quickly access the FAQ from my device?

You have quick and easy access to the FAQ by selecting the FAQ option from the settings menu.

What does the selfie option do and how can I access it?

When you select the selfie option from the quick settings menu, it activates the front camera to help you in taking a selfie. This also acts like a mirror, if you would like to use the front camera as a mirror.

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